Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Spring in Tivoli

Because spring has arrived and no one wants to be inside longer than is definitely necessary, my favorite class outing this semester was our recent trip to Tivoli. We saw the Roman ruins of Hadrian's Villa and the Renaissance Villa d'Este. Below are the ruins of the Canopis at Hadrian's Villa, a scenic lake created for the Emperor.

I loved the amazing sky against the crumbling columns and vaults. An incredible day for pictures.

Here I am in Villa d'Este with the cat we named Beverly who just jumped on my lap. I miss my Spinner!

I took some pictures of the flowers. This was probably the first time we have been in a garden when things have been in bloom.

The fountains in this villa were incredible but this one was definitely my favorite. It was huge and when I tried to get close to it take a picture, I got soaked by the spray.

Here is one final picture of tulips, my favorite flower. We were right on time to see a bunch of different kinds of tulips in bloom in the garden. Well, that is enough for now. Ciao!


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