Friday, 6 March 2009

More Southern Italy

I am back with more picture of the south of Italy. Above is a photo from Pompeii, the ancient Roman city that has ironically been preserved by the very eruption that brought destruction to it's inhabitants. Vesuvius looms in the background, threatening to erupt at any time... only not really because it is heavily protected.

Here we are at the Villa San Michele on the Island of Capri. This was beautiful villa with gardens and arcades framing views out to the blue sea and sky.

Steph and I on the ferry to Capri. We had a moderately exciting ride to the island with a team of Italian soccer players. They provided another kind of scenery for the ladies on the ferry.

My mom will be happy to hear that we hiked to this natural arch on Capri. Again, the colors here are amazing and made it worth all of the stairs that we had to climb up and down to get here. Ahh, just another beautiful day in Italy!

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