Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Southern Italy

This picture shows a little bit of the architecture that we saw in the area. There was a strong Islamic influence in the South of Italy and it shows in the arches in this courtyard. Many of the villas that we visited had similar patterned archways and palm trees.

The landscape in the Amalfi coast is fantastic. The mountains plunge into the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. The sky and sea are the main events in the landscape. This picture was taken on a hike that a group of friends and I took down the mountain. By hike I mean that it was about 1000 stairs down to the beach.

This is Sam, Steph, and I in front of our hotel, that's right, in front of our hotel. Again, the scenery was simply breathtaking. Even though it was the South, it really wasn't that warm, we did wear our coats most of the day but the sun was gorgeous.

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