Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Caio from Italy

I just wanted to send out a small post to whoever may read it saying that I am back in Italy. I just spent 2 wonderful weeks touring Venice, Verona, Vienna, Budapest, and Prague but I am glad to be back in Orvieto. Upon return, Italy seems more like home although nothing can replace my beloved hOmaha. It is much warmer in Italy now and it is beginning to really look like spring. The trees and flowers are starting to bud and the breeze feels warmer on my face. Through all of this I am still looking forward to coming home at the end of the semester. I am looking forward to good internet access, convenient shop hours, and spending time with my family. But I will miss the food and the laid back lifestyle here, so I may have to bring these home with me. Arrivederci for now, or ci vediamo (I'll see you later) and enjoy some American culture for me!

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