Sunday, 12 April 2009

Spring Break

Here are some pictures from my glorious spring break. We saw a lot of cool things, ate some fantastic food, and had some interesting adventures. These are just a few pictures that I thought captured the moment. Unfortunately, being an architecture student, I took surprisingly few pictures with people in them. Alas, my mother will be disappointed.
This is a photo from Prague. I loved Prague as it was very colorful and romantic. We caught up with some friends from K-State here that showed us around. A fantastic way to end our journey (the pictures are in reverse order).

This was taken in Budapest while walking around at night. There were tons of memorials in these cities, especially in Budapest and Prague, to the victims of communist and nazi occupation. I learned many interesting things about these cities pasts while travelling.

In Vienna, we toured the Spanish Horseriding School which was an excellent change of pace. Apparently there is quite the history of horsemanship in the city that I didn't know about. I thought these statues were beautiful and rather appropriate.

This photo was taken in Verona after we spent the day touring a Carlos Scarpa museum (pretty cool and don't worry because I didn't know who he was before this trip either), eating gelato, and hanging out in the sun. Verona is now one of my favorite Italian cities because it had all the things I needed: cool architecture, good gelato, and parks to relax in.

And finally, the piece de resistance, Venice. I have wanted to come to Italy, and mostly Venice, since I was probably 10. Luckily, Venice did not disappoint. Our Italian history and culture professor Marco made sure that we saw all the important parts of the city and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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